Please find below some of the feedback and acknowledgments I have received for the help I have provided others –

Maureen Mooney – Writer

Just to say a big ‘thank you’! You have really helped me by your advice.  So grateful for your kindness.

Sam Perkins – New Novelist at http://samperkins2012.wordpress.com/

Thank you very much for your time. It was very much appreciated. Now I can move the story forward in a non stilted way. I have got some very good ideas from our conversation.

Fiona Maddock at http://fiona-maddock.blogspot.com

Thanks for such an extensive explanation. You have answered all my questions.   Thank you once again. You are very kind to do this for authors.

Pauline Rowson, author of the DI Andy Horton marine mystery crime novels – http://www.rowmark.co.uk/

Great website and blog. As a published crime writer this is very helpful.

Nancy Popovich, author of the forthcoming “Murder and Malice” available on Smashwords and Amazon  http://nancypopovich.com/

Thanks so much for your answers.  They precipitated a rewrite and I think the story is stronger for it. This helped a great deal.

Catch Nancy’s video interview about her latest novel and acknowledgement here.

Andrea Wotherspoon, writer

Thanks very much for your speedy and very thorough response – I hadn’t expected to hear back from you so quickly, so I was delighted to receive your reply!  The answers you’ve given are very helpful and have given me a lot to think about.

Peter Robinson, author of Bad Boy – http://www.inspectorbanks.com/

A number of professionals have helped me with the police procedural and forensic aspects, and I would especially like to thank Detective Inspector Kevin Robinson, of West Yorkshire Police … for information about the approach to firearms.

Tom Bryson, author of Too Smart to Die – www.tombrysonwriter.co.uk

I can’t thank you enough for your detailed and prompt response to my queries. You are a mine of professional police knowledge and I am already starting to embed the information you’ve given into my DCI Matt Proctor sequel ‘IN IT FOR THE MONEY’.

It’s confidence boosting to know your plot has credibility and then to be able to strengthen that through knowledgeable, professional advice and background information.