Books I Have Provided Support For

Since starting this blog I have provided support, guidance and mentoring to numerous writers both those published and those still working towards publication.

This page will show links to books that have been published and that I have been acknowledged in by the respective authors.  You will also find links to those books listed on Amazon.

Whilst this page is under construction, please excuse its appearance.

Authors I have helped
Peter Robinson – Bad Boy –

Nancy Popovich – Malice & Murder

Susan Elliot Wright – The Secrets We Left Behind –

Tom Bryson – In It For The Money –

Rob Johnson – Heads You Lose –

'Heads You Lose'

JJ Franklin – Echoes of Justice –

Barbara Fagan Speake – Scared To Tell –

H.Y. Hanna – A Scone to Die for –


H.Y. Hanna – Tea with Milk and Murder –

CJ Carver – Spare Me The Truth

Eunice Tawney – Property for Sale

Penny Joelson – I Have No Secrets

Jan Newton – Remember No More

Rather To be Pitied by Jan Newton

Breaking Dead by Corrie Jackson

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