Scared to Tell: Featuring Detective Annie Macpherson by Barbara Fagan Speake


… I am also grateful to Kevin Robinson, retired police officer, who provided useful insights … but of course, any errors remaining are mine.


When Belinda Mancuso is found frozen to death in the grounds of her residential unit, it appears to be a tragic accident. Yet this incident comes on top of anonymous reports already circulating about the unit. Suspicions are raised that systematic abuse may be going on in the Elms but there is a conspiracy of silence. Scottish Detective Annie Macpherson, returning to work in Connecticut, is asked to operate undercover in the unit. As the Elms provides respite care mainly for individuals with intellectual disabilities, Annie’s family circumstances make her the obvious choice. Annie has never worked covertly before and the assignment challenges her, on both a personal and a professional level.

Ellie Harrington is looking for a final project to complete her degree in journalism. When the opportunity arises to do voluntary work in the Oaks, a sister unit to the Elms, she can’t resist. While spending time there conducting interviews, her journalistic instincts tell her something is wrong, very wrong.

For both women, ascertaining what is really going on behind closed doors becomes the highest priority but will Ellie Harrington’s naïve enthusiasm jeopardise the work that Annie is doing? Could both women find themselves in grave danger from a very powerful and ruthless set of conspirators? At the core of it, are the vulnerable residents simply too scared to tell their stories?

This is Barbara’s fourth book in the Detective Annie Macpherson series of books.

Some Reviews

Suspense at its Best

This is the fourth Annie MacPherson story I have read and they just keep getting better. Barbara Fagan Speake is not afraid to write about crimes of domestic violence, child abuse and the abuse of vulnerable adults.Her main character is a wonderfully rounded and real person and other characters from her previous stories crop up in later stories which gives a real sense of continuity. In this story, Annie goes undercover to investigate abuse of vulnerable adults in a care home. Suspense is built by the overlapping of characters appearing who may blow her cover. I thoroughly enjoyed this story in the series and I am already looking forward to the next one. By Alison Gray

Another Great Write

Absolutely brilliant, a cant put down book, a book that u have withdrawal symptoms from when u get to the end and realise there is no more to read, a book that I can’t wait for the next one to be written! Thank u Barbara xx and to think I had never heard of this lady before until she came to a Twg meeting! What I have been missing! by Mrs S. J. Schofield

Brilliant. Just Brilliant. I love Detective Annie Macpherson

Just finished this book with Detective Annie Macpherson – Brilliant story,couldn’t put it down – Another fantastic written book by Barbara Fagan Speake. Would highly recommend this book and the previous ones as well. By Nikki

I love This Book

I loved this book, it was a real page turner although I was sorry to finish it, satisfying as it was; the sign of an excellent read. I read a lot of crime novels, and this one rattled along, with topical subject matter around adult abuse which was sensitively handled and gave an insight into the types of crime the police have to deal with. Annie Macpherson is a great character, her Scottish background and her placement in Connecticut add a fascinating dimension and give her plenty of dilemmas to grapple with personally and professionally. The commonsense female perspective and the banter with her colleagues make this novel really entertaining and true to life. More please and a TV series too! By Rachael Reynolds

Another Great Book Featuring Annie Macpherson

Another great book featuring Annie Macpherson, a Scottish detective working in Connecticut. Besides the engaging story, the sexual tension between Annie and Dave Ellison continues. By B Littlewood

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