Echoes of Justice by JJ Franklin


Special thanks go to … my police advisors, Paul Taberner for Warwickshire and Kevin Robinson for overall police procedure.


When Kathy Wylde sets out to take revenge on the gang of youths who kicked her son, Jack, to death, she finds herself on the wrong side of a vicious and dangerous criminal.

As Detective Inspector Matt Turrell, of the Warwickshire Police, investigates the first gang member’s death, another is brutally murdered. DI Turrell and his team must move fast to protect anyone connected to Jack’s murder – including Kathy.

Unaware that she is now the hunted and in grave danger, Kathy selects Harry as her next victim but soon finds herself growing fond of the young man. With the killer drawing close, will the unlikely pair be able to work together in an attempt to survive? Can DI Turrell stop the killer before he strikes again? Or will he have to sacrifice himself to save them?

Echoes of Justice is the second in the series of novels featuring DI Matt Turrell of the Warwickshire Police. It is a psychological thriller/police procedural set in and around Stratford-upon-Avon.

This is JJ Franklin‘s Second novel in the Matt Turrell series, the first one being Urge to Kill

Some Reviews

Book Two is a Satisfying Page Turner

The second in the series has DI Matt Turrell investigating the death of a murderer. It is an intriguing page turner, taking the reader into the seamier side of life in the Midlands. Franklin sets this second book in the Stratford-upon-Avon area where we get a glimpse into the glamorous as we tread the boards at the Royal Shakespeare Company. The denouement is fast paced and exciting right to the last page. In Echoes of Justice we come to know Matt Turrell and his wife, Eppie as they struggle with the pressures that a police investigation can place on a young marriage . This is not helped by the arrival of Eppie’s ghastly mother whom I hope we will hear more of in the next book. Franklin has once again proved she is an up and coming name in crime writing and I am eagerly looking forward to the next book in the series. By Dobdotcom

Brilliant Character Writing

Franklin has delivered another exciting and well paced book with echoes of justice. The real highlight for me is the attention to detail every character is given. The reader quickly comes to know and emphasise with many of the characters, learning more about their detailed lives and how this affects every action they make.

Franklin details the story from several perspectives, allowing us to explore the mind of a killer. The contrast and similarities between Kathy and Vinny shows a real understanding in the depth and complexity of crime.

A page-turner all the way to the end, this is a well thought out and brilliantly written addition to the series. I am looking forward to the next one. By Ash

A Great Follow-up

A great follow up to Urge to Kill. This is another exciting DI Matt Turrell investigation which keeps us on edge wondering what is going to happen next. JJ Franklin draws on the Warwickshire locations to great advantage, especially the thrilling scene set in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre where the killer is finally cornered. I look forward to her next book and to meeting Matt Turrell and his wife again. By Anne Knattress

A Very Powerful, Exciting Story

This is another fast paced, thrilling novel from JJ Franklin. I really enjoyed the development of the characters from the first book and love how, like the first book, we get different character perspectives throughout the story. The concepts of revenge and of justice are really well explored and the book highlights how things are not always as clear cut as they seem. It’s a very strong follow up to the first book and I’m looking forward to reading more from this very talented writer. By Gemma Williams

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