This is not me

According to Google there are around 1,190,000 hits on the name Kevin Robinson.  Rest assured, at this time, most of them do not link to me.  There are many thousands of Kevin Robinsons around the world; some are renowned trumpeters, bmx champions, sports stars, police chiefs, police officers and even criminals.

The following is one example of who I’m not, despite being a former police officer and linked to the UK –

Ex-police officer in money launder scam

Chris Havergal- courtesy of Cambridge News –

Kevin Robinson  Kevin Robinson

A former police officer has been convicted of his part in a massive international money laundering scam.

Kevin Robinson, of Hobart Road, Cambridge, was found guilty of working for husband-and-wife team Burnett and Paulette Morris, who headed an operation which transferred £500,000 between the UK and Jamaica over six years.

They led a millionaire’s lifestyle, owning two luxury homes on the Caribbean island as well as at least 14 racehorses.

Robinson, 40, who is originally from Jamaica where he had served as a police officer, is the brother of Fitzgerald Richards, the couple’s equine trainer.

Kingston Crown Court heard he travelled to the UK on two occasions between 2007 and 2008, with his flights being paid for by Paulette Morris, and as soon as he arrived he started sending money back to criminal associates in Jamaica.

He sent £40,025 in 88 separate transactions, usually of around £900, and the prosecution maintained the cash was the proceeds of Burnett Morris’s drug dealing in south London.

Robinson, who settled in Cambridge after marrying a British woman, claimed he had no idea the money was ill-gotten but the jury rejected this and convicted him of transferring criminal property out of the jurisdiction of the UK.

He will be sentenced on May 27 along with the Morrises, from Bromley, and four co-defendants who have already pleaded guilty.

There was no evidence Robinson benefited financially from the operation, apart from the plane tickets, but the Morrises had a lavish existence which included purchases of designer clothes and jewellery including an £8,000 diamond.

They rented a safety deposit box at Harrods and an investigation in Jamaica found the couple were building a home for which  Paulette Morris had been ordering expensive items, including a large amount of marble from Florida and a £16,000 sound system.

But they were also claiming housing allowance, council tax benefit and free school meals for two of their children at the same time.

Det Insp Gill Barratt, of Scotland Yard, said: “We are determined to put criminals out of business by seizing their assets in the UK and abroad and prosecuting them for money laundering.

“We will continue to  work with colleagues in Jamaica to ensure they cannot profit from crime in the UK by sending money home to Jamaica.”

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