Remember No More by Jan Newton


To Kevin Robinson, retired West Yorkshire Police Inspector, huge thanks for his wonderful course for crime writers and for his subsequent support in ensuring that my facts were factual.  Any mistakes in any aspect of the novel are, of course, entirely mine.


DS Julie Kite’s husband’s new job takes her away from urban Manchester to a new life in tranquil mid-Wales. On her first day, Julie is thrust unexpectedly into the centre of a murder investigation in a remote farming community. At the same time, Stephen Collins is set free from HMP Strangeways. He immediately makes his way back to mid-Wales, the scene of his heinous crime, in order to confront those who had a hand in his incarceration. The twists and turns of the investigation into the death of a solicitor force DS Kite to confront her own demons alongside those of her community.

This is Jan Newton’s first novel in the DS Kite series, the second being Rather to be Pitied

Some Reviews

Cracking Celtic Crime Noir

I have to say, this has been one of the most delicious reads I’ve enjoyed in a long time. I’m no stranger to Jan’s prize winning short stories. She has a superb skill at crafting well-paced, intriguing tales and creating memorable characters; you know, that elusive type you either cheer for or find yourself shouting at! I wondered, could Jan weave her storytelling skills over a three hundred page novel….only time would tell.

So, it was very late on a Sunday night when I finally began reading. I (foolishly) imagined that ten pages would be my tally before sleep would overtake me. I could not have been more wrong. Exhaustion finally halted me at page one hundred and fifty eight! I simply could not put this book down. The following morning, bleary eyed, I immediately pawed the bedside table for the remaining pages. Within hours I’d feasted, and I can tell you, it was good!

Right now I am fighting the urge to spill the beans, to let you know who, what, where and how…..but why should I rob you of this pleasure. Jan has totally succeeded in stepping up from a short story to novel proportions without any loss of stride or charm. She has also given us a detective novel firmly rooted in mid-Wales from someone who knows the subtleties of both location and locals.
I’m positive D.S. Kite will be back very soon, personally I can’t wait!

Gripped from the start

I eagerly awaited the publication of Jan Newton’s book, a crime novel set in the area of mid-Wales where I was born and grew up. I was not to be disappointed and was gripped by the story from the start. For me, the setting of the novel is a strong feature of the writing, and by keeping to the actual place names of the area I felt I was there with DS Julie Kite at every turn of the murder investigation. The place comes alive. I could empathise with the characters and the contrast between her colleagues in Manchester and Builth Wells is very well drawn. I particularly like the way the author gives us some false leads with events that happened previously and I love the twist at the end. Intrigued to know more about DS Kite, about her marriage and her personal life as well as more cases that she’ll solve in the mid-Wales force, I can’t wait for the sequel.

Intriguing page turner

I found this book very much a page turner. Intriguing twists a long the way. Couldn’t put this book down, excited to read another book from this author. Most enjoyable.

Very much looking forward to the second book … and the third.

I’d not read this author before and wasn’t prepared to like it so much. The plot was totally plausible, the characters flawed yet likeable, the sort of people you meet in the real world. The setting was superb. The author paints so vivid a picture of the Welsh countryside that you can feel the rain on your face. I am very much looking forward to the second book … and the third.

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