Spare Me The Truth by CJ Carver


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Dan Forrester, piecing his life back together after the tragic death of his son, is approached in a supermarket by a woman who tells him everything he remembers about his life – and his son – is a lie.

Grace Reavey, stricken by grief, is accosted at her mother’s funeral. The threat is simple: pay the staggering sum her mother allegedly owed, or lose everything.

Lucy Davies has been forced from the Met by her own maverick behaviour. Desperate to prove herself in her new rural post, she’s on the hunt for a killer – but this is no small town criminal.

Plunged into a conspiracy that will test each of them to their limits, these three strangers are brought together in their hunt for the truth, whatever it costs. And as their respective investigations become further and further entwined, it becomes clear that at the centre of this tangled web is a threat more explosive than any of them could have imagined.

Some Reviews

C.J. Carver is a top notch thriller writer and Spare Me The Truth is right up there with the best – Simon Kernick

“Nothing short of brilliant . . . Carver has created a wonderful story here, sort of Jason Bourne meets Silence of the Lambs.” – Michael Jecks, author of Blood on the Sands.

Delightful and Incredibly Exciting

My first thought on reading Spare Me The Truth was one of total delight. I love discovering new authors and unexpected little gems, like this one.

Spare Me The Truth starts with Dan Forrester, a man with partial amnesia. He is seemingly a normal everyday family man, who lost his memory following the tragic death of his son. One day he is approached by a woman from his past. Dan is thrown in at the deep end, looking for answers and trying to fill in his huge memory gap. Another thread follows police officer, Lucy Davies. Lucy becomes involved in a brutal case of kidnap and attempted murder.She starts to have a very personal interest in the victim, as certain facts come out. The final strand follows a GP, as she is drawn into a mystery of missing money and unexpected bereavements. The three parts slowly come together and are connected by a disturbing serial killer and medication for bipolar disorder.

Carver knows exactly how to hook a reader and keep the tension going. Following our three very different characters, we soon start to see the big picture: International corruption combined with multiple murder, some very convincing manipulation through technology and the world of spooks. This reminded me why I love thrillers so very much.

If you are a thriller fan, this is one you should be looking out for! Recommended by Christine M

Addictive, Fast-Paced and Very Satisfying Thriller

Addictive and high-paced, Spare Me The Truth takes three very different characters and winds them together in a very satisfying read. Following Dan Forrester, PC Lucy Davies and Dr Grace Reavy, the book starts by meandering through all of their separate lives, setting the scene, before really picking up pace as their lives and goals become more and more entwined.

Weaving together the hidden world of spies with the more mundane activities of errands and childcare is a challenge in itself, but CJ Carver effortlessly brings them together, and the reader is completely swept along with Dan Forrester, as the high-drama, high-risk world he once inhabited catches up with him. I found a wonderful sense of terror in the realisation that everyone has been lying to Dan and that he can trust no one.

The way the story roved around, bouncing from London, to the South West, out to India and then back again, reminded me of one of my favourite thrillers of recent years, I am Pilgrim (Terry Hayes).

The characters are a strong part of the story and readers will share in their outrage, hesitance and moments of heavy realisation. I particularly enjoyed PC Lucy Davies’ character, both feisty and level-headed and really liked the portrayal of her as a strong woman in what might be seen as the ‘male-dominated’ world of the police force.

The questions of memory and loss that the book raises are fascinating, and you can’t help but feel an ominous sense of doom when you find out that CJ Carver took inspiration from reading about the development a real memory-loss drug, a chilling prospect. Already looking forward to the next by Miss Elinor A Evans

Intelligent Fast Paced Thriller

Spare Me the Truth is a fast and addictive thriller, an intelligently woven plot with multiple layers all coming together in bang on fashion right at the end. Just what I like. Beautifully written to be entirely engaging (and exciting) throughout with pitch perfect characters, a healthy dose of reality in amongst the fictional shenanigans and overall a stonking good read all round.

Spooks and spies, always a good time – I was genuinely absorbed by the huge issues facing Dan as he realised everyone around him was lying and that his gaps in memory had not been filled with truth by those closest to him. In a wonderful mix up of family drama and underground political plot C J Carver builds the tension using a group dynamic that is highly intriguing, throwing different people from different backgrounds into the same boiling pot and then letting them simmer.

Loved Lucy – struggling with her own personality and Grace, like Dan, realising her life has been full of lies. The story has some wonderful twists and turns, also adding some twisted murders, a half serial killer vibe that causes a shiver – although in Spare Me The Truth nothing is as it seems. I always have a great time with a book when I have no flaming clue what is going on, just that I MUST know so therefore I’m desperate to pick it up again. It helps when the writing is full of depth and beautifully descriptive as it is here, when it has characters you can root for and relate to, the emotional connection between reader and story is achieved in clever fashion.

Overall loved it. More like this one would be good. Please. And bring Dan back. You know you want to by Liz Barnsley.

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