Tea with Milk and Murder by H.Y. Hanna


I am also indebted to retired West Yorkshire Police Inspector, Kevin Robinson, for helping me check the police procedural details in the story and responding to my endless questions with so much patience.


While at an Oxford cocktail party, tearoom owner Gemma Rose overhears a sinister conversation minutes before a University student is fatally poisoned. Could there be a connection? And could her best friend Cassie’s new boyfriend have anything to do with the murder?

Gemma decides to start her own investigation, helped by the nosy ladies from her Oxfordshire village and her old college flame, CID detective Devlin O’Connor. But her mother is causing havoc at Gemma’s quaint English tearoom and her best friend is furious at her snooping… and this mystery is turning out to have more twists than a chocolate pretzel!

Too late, Gemma realises that she’s could be the next item on the killer’s menu. Or will her little tabby cat, Muesli, save the day?
(** Velvet Cheesecake recipe included!)

Some Reviews

Murder, Mystery and Mayhem. Brilliant

This is another crazy, funny and thrilling murder mystery by H. Y. Hanna, but what makes it stand out from other similar books for me is the beautiful way she describes Oxford. Oxford is obviously very dear to her and I am sure that if I ever went there I would have so many deja vu moments because of these books.

This is the second novel of the Oxford Tearoom Mystery series where you return to the picturesque village of Meadow-on-Smythe and all the colourful characters that have once again settled back down to their daily lives. It isn’t long before murder, mystery and mayhem return to Oxford and Gemma finds it as irresistible to get involved in, as the customers of the Tearoom do with her mom’s delicious Velvet Cheesecake. The scene is set for a hair raising and hilarious adventure involving the super sleuth little old ladies turning up in the most unexpected places and Muesli the cat being a fair judge of character.

Gemma’s personal life is just as chaotic, especially with her mom’s Internet antics and the difficult decision of which man she wants to be in her life. These books always leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling and a smile on my face. Do read book 1, A Scone to Die For first so you’ll get the whole Gemma and Muesli experience. There is again another recipe in the back of the book this time for Velvet Cheesecake and a Glossary of British word meanings. It all makes for a tasty, cosy thrilling read. It has it all. By Susan Hampson


The first word that came to my mind after reading the second book “Tea with Milk and Murder” of the Oxford Tea Room Mysteries was phenomenal! This mystery series is one that all of you cozy mystery lovers out there do not want to miss. However, I do suggest starting with the first book “A Scone to Die for.

Hsin-Yi has an extraordinary way of bringing one into the story making you feel as if you are actually there walking the streets of Oxford University with the all of the 3D characters. This story centers around Gemma’s friend Cassie and her artwork. Gemma, with her mother (who has just discovered you can purchase merchandise on the internet), the four old biddies, and Muesli, all help detective Devlin O’Connor solve the murder. The story is full of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat guessing ‘whodunnit’ right until the end.

Once you have finished one of Hsin-Yi’s Oxford Tea Room Mysteries you are left with the feeling of absolute enjoyment. By Ansel

Ms Hanna has Plenty of Style

I had been sent the previous book by netgalley to review and was so impressed by this authors entrée into the cozy mystery market that I actually purchased this rather than wait for my review copy. In Ms Hanna we have that rare thing an original author who does not copy the style of anyone else, the plot of the second book is quite intricate and I admit that several times I thought I had cracked it only to find that I had fallen for a red herring. There are plenty of lighter moments, especially love the gang of four older ladies who remind me of some of my neighbours here in rural Shropshire who always seem to have the local gossip, also pleased by the presence of Muesli the p. cat who is well written without cloying sentiment. There is a certain passage towards the end involving a chair and a sofa which I read to the husband who burst out laughing as we have the same conversations about our rescue cat. I am not saying more just buy the book and read for yourself. By Carolyn49

Great Mystery Murder

I read the first book and throughly enjoyed it so was keen to read the 2nd. It didn’t let me down as once again it is another good murder mystery set in the lovely city of Oxford, which had me trying to guess who the killer was. I was wrong again but that’s the sign of a good author, keeps you guessing until the end. Enjoyed the old biddies take on modern art in the art gallery especially the blobb of blue tac exhibit which had them telling Jon (the owner) that he needed to visit Spec Savers as something was obviously missing. In fact they even searched the floor for it. Made me laugh. Gemma’s mother’s on-line buying keeps us entertained as you wonder what else she is going to buy to embarrass Gemma with. I would recommend this book. By Little Mo

Cake, Humour and Murder

The second book is a perfect follow on. As we are getting to know the characters, I found the book even more enjoyable. I love this author and this series is another hit. I was disappointed when the thriller series Tender (starting with Tender Deceit, well worth a read) had ended but to be honest, I’m loving the Tearoom mysteries just as much. This series is lighthearted but still a page turner. The characters are so likeable and the interfering old ladies will actually make you LOL! Perfect mix of humour, murder mystery and romance. By Karen Clark

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