Have you ever thought about one or more of your fictional police officers being attacked by a savage dog?


It could happen quite innocently following a report of a stray dog being seen in the street/park/shopping centre and when the officer tries to entice the dog, he/she is attacked because unbeknown to them, the dog is frightened by the colour of the officer’s uniform.  My dog barks at anyone standing still, wearing dark hooded clothing.

Alternatively, the incident could arise following the search of a house after the door is seen ajar by a neighbour worried about the well-being of the elderly occupant.  Has the dog eaten some or all of the deceased occupant or is it protecting its’ owner who lay on the floor injured or ill?

Or, even worse, the dog could be set upon the officer by a suspected criminal who is attempting to avoid arrest. Maybe during a search of premises used as a cannabis factory, the suspect decides it is better not to be caught in the building and uses the dog as a means of distracting the searching officers whilst they escape.

However, having got the officer attacked or bitten, how are they going to escape the dog’s jaws?

The dog could just desist and walk away happy or the officer could use his/her baton to beat it. CS or Pepper Spray wouldn’t work on the dog as they don’t think like humans.  Dry ice fired from a fire extinguisher may be enough to startle the dog, allowing the opportunity for escape.

It may be such an extreme case such as the one reported in the following link that the dog had to be tasered before stabbing or shooting it.


The choices are all yours to make.

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