It’s hard enough to kill someone (this isn’t personal experience) but even harder is disposing of the body in such a way that it’s never found.

Some have tried dumping bodies in water and found to their misfortune that the deceased came back to expose them.  Maybe you could use something similar to the following in one of your stories.

A corpse properly and lawfully buried at sea is unlikely to reappear but many criminals are unable to permanently dispose of a body in water. Take for example when a freshly caught shark vomitedImage result for shark attack up a surgically separated human arm, leading to a murder investigation. That victim was determined to be James Smith.

Some criminals throw bodies in a river, hoping that they’ll be carried away. Fortunately, this method usually leads to a quick detection of the body because they get entangled at the side of the river or stopped at a dam or they are seen floating by others.

A disposal in large lakes or oceans is more likely to hide the body. However, decomposing gases trapped beneath the skin can create a strong positive buoyancy bringing the body up to the surface or end up washed up on the shore. Bodies have also been discovered in the nets or lines of fishermen and occasionally, bodies are also discovered by divers.

Very cold water with little oxygen may even preserve bodies, allowing for an easier identification, as in the case of Margaret Hogg, the Wasdale Lady in the Lake. She was found after 8 years, with her body preserved like wax.

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