What’s a Bobby Tax and Why?

Posted: January 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Metropolitan Police Service have never really struggled to attract applicants to join them.  In fact over the years many of those interested were from all over the country, most of whom couldn’t get into their local force so saw the Met as their way into the service.  After a few years in London, they would invariably transfer out to their preferred counties.

This leakage didn’t really phase the Met as they had a constant supply of wanna joins.

Metropolitan Police ServiceHowever in recent years, it has been accepted that the Met Police Service do not reflect the demographics of the community they police.  Great concern rose as to how best to address this imbalance and how to recruit more people from across the whole spectrum of London’s society.

This concern now seems to have melted away as they look now at only looking for potential recruits from a pot of London people who have obtained a Certificate in Policing at a cost to themselves of around £1000 even though there is no guarantee of a job even if the candidate passed the course with flying colours.   This simple requirement alone has probably excluded many sections of the London society that either can’t afford to pay for their own eduction or can’t afford the time to embark on a course with no guarantee at the end of it.

Is this really the way to go and will it really create a more diverse workforce or an affluent white male dominated service?



Will it affect your stories of the future or does it give you material to create a police service of the future – almost a Sci-Fi – Crime Fiction story?

Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. I didn’t know this and, you’re right, it does pose interesting questions about the future of the force.


  2. Hi Kevin,
    You couldn’t make it up! I remember some years ago Further Education Colleges franchised out certain courses. We had phantom students, spurious qualifications and widespread fraud. (Psst…wanna buy a ‘Certificate in Policing’ – £100 ($60) to you, mate…)


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