A comprehensive shake-up of the police promotions process means that the OSPRE II Assessment process will be scrapped and replaced with work-based assessments.

The new National Police Promotion Framework (NPPF) for promotions to sergeant and inspector is to be adopted after this years OSPRE II assessments have been run.  This follows the successful trials and evaluations conducted by 7 police forces – Avon & Somerset Constabulary, Bedfordshire Police, Hertfordshire Constabulary, Merseyside Police, the Metropolitan Police Service, Sussex Police and Thames Valley Police.

Under the NPPF, officers who have completed their probation and are signed off as competent will be put forward for the OSPRE I written law exam (which is being retained) followed by an in-force assessment of their performance. This replaces the current OSPRE II (one-day behavioural) assessment.

Those officers who pass OSPRE I and the initial assessment will be promoted on a temporary basis and undergo a 12-month programme to evaluate their performance. If successful, their promotion will be made permanent.College of Polcing Badge

The College of Policing has endorsed the change after a recommendation by the Police Promotion Examinations Board (PPEB).

The College of Policing’s Chief Executive Alex Marshall said: “The introduction of the NPPF is the first significant change to the promotion process for many years. It will provide newly-promoted sergeants and inspectors with the necessary operational and leadership skills, developed in their local environments, to deliver a high quality service to the public.”

Further information about the National Police Promotions Framework will be posted on its website and in a series of regional meetings.

Think about the above when creating the biography of your supervisory officers (pre- 2014 they will have taken both OSPRE parts and post 2013 only part 1).  Could the mentoring and assessment that takes the place of OSPRE II lead to conflict or challenges in your stories?  I BET IT COULD


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