The National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) was created in 2007 and at that time it took on responsibility for many areas of national policing support services.

However, the current Home Secretary Theresa May has recently announced that the NPIA would be dissolved, its portfolio split up and handed over to others.  She has now announced that the Central Witness Bureau, Crime Operational Support Unit, the National Missing Persons’ Bureau, Serious Crime Analysis Section and the Specialist Operations Centre would transfer to the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) from the beginning of April.  However, she has not made clear yet whether when SOCA morphs into the National Crime Agency (NCA)whether it will accept responsibility for these areas as well as taking on the Proceeds of Crime Centre in 2013.

The UK's new Home Secretary, Theresa May, givi...

The UK's new Home Secretary, Theresa May, giving speech to Home Office staff. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She also stated that “Work is continuing on the development of the police professional body and the new police ICT company.”

When it has been decided what the new policing professional body is, Ms May will confirm that the NPIA functions including learning and development, uniformed operational support and the National College of Police Leadership will transfer to it.

The Home Office will take over the NPIA’s Police Science and Forensics services, policy for special constables, the Automotive Equipment Section and management of the Airwave radio system to the Home Office.

All moves can be expected in autumn this year and we can look forward to new logos, launch parties and designer freebies and of course a much improved and cost efficient service.  I hope I’m not sounding too cynical but in 30 years, I’ve seen it happen often.

Will your detective be just as cynical as I may sound and how are the changes likely to affect the way they work?

If you’re not sure, you can either wait it out, ignore it altogether or sign up for the next Crime Fiction – Making it Real Weekend this autumn by dropping a line to me at 


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