Often when the police use a Taser on someone, there is an outcry that they were heavy-handed, irresponsible and had no right resorting to such underhand tactics.

Many do not realise that the Taser is regarded as one of the least damaging of the personal safety equipment officers possess and that it is preferred that they use this method (where appropriate and proportionate) rather than resorting to either CS spray or even worse a baton, which can do lasting and permanent damage to the suspect.

It is therefore refreshing to see one of the many complaints against the police to be referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) finding in favour of the police officers rather than the suspect.

The case involved two men who had threatened a taxi driver in South Wales.  The attending officers used a Taser against the suspects who were liable for arrest and posed a threat to the police.

The IPCC said that the officers acted properly and with a proportionate level of force despite one of the men complaining that a barb from the Taser had become embedded in his head and he had received stitches to both his forehead and his nose.

Witnesses to the incident confirmed that the two men had racially abused and physically threatened the taxi driver to which they both pleaded guilty to and that both men had offered aggression and resistance when officers attended at their property. to arrest

Independent Police Complaints Commission

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The IPCC stated that “the evidence obtained in the course of the IPCC investigation did not support the allegation of  assault by officers. The evidence indicates that he (the complainant) sustained his injuries as a result of a Taser-induced fall onto a hard surface and the officers gave appropriate medical assistance as soon as he was subdued.

“We have found that the officers acted properly and used reasonable force to arrest two men who violently resisted arrest.

“The public expect police officers to respond to dangerous situations such as this and offer protection to those being assaulted. The police officers who responded that night were faced with two violent men who posed a threat to their safety.”

Alternatively, if the officers had resorted to using batons in order to help restrain the suspects, they would have sustained far greater injuries that may not have been so justifiable.

Police right to Taser pair who resisted arrest – South Wales Evening Post

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  1. laurie27wsmith says:

    A chap died in Sydney here this week, from a taser. It brought out all the anti police sentiment. Unfortunately there’s always going to be someone with a weak ticker, or high on drugs. They don’t seem to feel much at all. At the end of the day it beats deadly force. I often wonder though if those who rant against the police so vociferously, would do a couple of shifts in a high crime area on a friday and saturday night?


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