Has your investigator ever worked for INTERPOL?

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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It’s unlikely: not impossible but you do have to ask yourself, what were they doing there?

If the answer is “chasing bad guys” then you may have got it wrong.  The reason being is that INTERPOL doesn’t have an operational arm.  It merely facilitates communication and cooperation between law enforcement officers from one country with their counterpart in another.  Don’t get me wrong if you think I am saying that it doesn’t do much.


It does provide an officer with information held in their databases such as information about stolen works of art or suspected terrorists but not every officer in the UK has access to these databases.

In fact, only a handful do and they are based in the National Central Bureau within the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).

If you think your local cop can just hop on a plane to a foreign land, bypassing Interpol to deal with some drug lord – think again.  There are protocols to go through and restrictions on what can and can’t be done.

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  1. Good blog post. I’ve got someone seconded from Europol in the crime novel I am currently writing. Agent Eames is working alongside my DI Horton in an investigation in Portsmouth, which has European links.

    Do you have any views on how Europol liaise with the British police and their role in assisting in UK investigations?

    The Europol web site is very helpful but trying to speak to someone from there is proving to be very difficult.

    There is a blog entry on your marvellous Crime Fiction- Making it Real workshop on one of my blogs today http://www.authorsonlineworkshop.blogspot.com/ and I’ll also put something about it on my official website.


    • Pauline
      thanks for the feedback and its nice to hear of someone that has also heard of Europol. Their website is more comprehensive than that of Interpol and that isn´t where the rivalary ends.

      I will comment directly to you in the next few days about your question if that´s o.k? I do have an answer for you but not a good internet connection at the moment.


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