Outstanding Results For Fingerprint Tech – Does this help or hinder your forthcoming crime novel plot?

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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 A state-of-the art device that can digitally match up fingerprints in minutes has been making its mark with officers at the sharp end of policing.

The MobileID kit – which is run from a BlackBerry smartphone – has now seen some extensive use since it was first deployed earlier in the year.

And with the means to check a suspect’s prints against the thousands on the National Fingerprint Database anywhere in the country, officers are reporting excellent results.

Sgt Simon Goss, of the Roads Policing Unit Proactive Team at Hampshire Constabulary said MobileID was an outstanding and highly versatile tool.

Sgt Goss told PoliceOracle.com: “We are getting some fantastic results with it – results that we would not have secured by using any other policing methods.

“We have now had this equipment for some time in Hampshire Constabulary and it has really proved its worth – you can rapidly establish identification.”

Sgt Goss was speaking after the fingerprinting device – which was launched by the NPIA over the summer – played an instrumental role in allowing officers from Hampshire to identify an unconscious man in intensive care.

A hospital had contacted the Force after admitting the seriously ill patient, and an officer swiftly provided rapid confirmation who they were treating.

Identification of unconscious or fatal victims at a crime, accident scene or hospital has proved one of the key benefits that the MobileID service is delivering

An average saving of at least 30 minutes per case are among the other advantages.

The devices have now been deployed to more than half of forces in England and Wales this year, helping to cut the number of trips officers make back to the police station and giving them more time to spend out and about.

Nick Deyes, NPIA head of the Information Systems Improvement Strategy (ISIS) said: “This is a great example of how MobileID is not only an effective tool in the fight against crime, but also a piece of technology that can be used to help identify victims who have been seriously injured.

“This is a very promising start for a new service that is proving to be an asset.”

DCC Peter Goodman, who is the ACPO spokesperson for the equipment, added: “The functionality that MobileID offers benefits to more than just the Police Service.

“As this example shows, the technology can also assist other agencies and the public. Over the coming months I expect to see more and more examples which highlight the advantages of using MobileID,” he emphasised.


If you feel hindered, worry not.  Let me know what it is you’re trying to achieve and let me see how I can help progress your story.


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