Ideas Everywhere but just how do you use them?

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Look in the media any day of the week and you will find news about the police, crimes and the way that they have or have not been investigated.  Each one of these articles can be used as a seed to help you germinate ideas about what to write or how to incorporate it into your current writings.

The following are just a few ideas –

Related articles
  • How do you identify a mystery person? ( – could this be the starting point for your story, which would develop as more information is uncovered to reveal an explosive climax?
  • Our myopic faith in British police supremacy must end | Ian Birrell ( – having worked with law enforcement agencies in other countries including the US, the police in England and Wales leave the rest standing when it comes to the quality of investigation.  That doesn’t mean that we couldn’t and shouldn’t do better.  The following article leaves victims of crime open to manipulation by unscrupulous officers who wish to avoid doing their job or keeping crime figures down.
  • Victims of crime to decide if police are needed (
  • Police ‘screen out’ 1 in 3 crimes ( – as pointed out above, there are dangers in letting the police decide what should be recorded and what should not.  This very subject could be utilised in the formulation of a novel to show how the investigator could have missed vital clues because their colleagues chose not to record a crime and its associated information.

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